Natural gas for business

Gaz Naturel GenerG is specialized in the sale and the distribution of compressed natural gas for industrial consumers and vehicles

For industrial consumers

The vast majority of industrial consumers who have access to the pipeline network already use natural gas for a number of reasons: lower cost, simple and safe operation , and finally environmental benefits.

In order to provide the same benefits to customers who don’t have access to the pipeline network, GenerG has developed an infrastructure to carry compressed natural gas by trucks and to deliver it to the customer exactly as if it was connected to a pipeline.

For vehicles

Natural gas can be used as fuel to replace diesel or gasoline. In addition to being cleaner and to extend equiment service life, it is cheaper and allows substantial economies in operation costs.

Vehicle fueling at the station is quick and is done with a flexible hose similarly to the way that a truck is normally fueled with diesel or gasoline. Performance and autonomy of vehicles are comparable to vehicles with traditional fuels.

Most manufacturers now offer natural gas trucks directly from the assembly plant. Conversion to natural gas and dual fuel are also available from a number of approved upfitters.



To effectively cover the territories of Outaouais, Laurentides and Lanaudiere, the first stations will open shortly in St-Jerome and Mont-Laurier.

According to customers' needs, expansion projects are underway in order to add more stations and improve the network.


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